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Digital Video Security (CCTV)


Security Cameras (CCTV) have come a long way in the last 20 years. No more are the days of VCRs with large vaults of VHS tapes stored for months at a time. Digital Video Security has become the standard way we record and view our CCTV cameras nowadays. Video is captured and recorded by a Digital Video Recorder and saved to hard drives. Now that the video is saved digitally, we can do all kinds of really cool things with it, such as email pictures, backup video clips easily and watch from our smartphones.


Digital Video Security has become a must-have in today's society. There are cameras everywhere recording almost everything. Especially with how litigious our society has become, protecting your home or business is important. Having security cameras is not going to prevent crime altogether, but it definitely provides a high level of deterrence for both the unscrupulous employee as well as the customers that might want to take advantage of you. Providing forensic evidence such as a snapshot of the criminal's face or video of the incident to the police is going to help bring criminals to justice quicker and return any stolen property.


Digital Video is also used often for reasons having nothing to do with preventing or solving a crime. Family members checking on the safety and well-being of their elderly parents, production and assembly lines using the video to increase productivity, watching machinery in remote areas of a large plant for signs of malfunction, monitor residential backyard pools, and monitoring traffic flow on the freeways are just a few of the many reasons that CCTV can be used for things other than crime prevention.


Full Service Design and Installation

We can do everything from design and install to training and support. Let our experts design a system to fit your needs all while staying in a budget that you can afford.

Easy to Use Interface

Simple to use interface but yet powerful features that anyone can use. Use your mouse to point-and-click just like your desktop PC. Backup critical video in minutes with a USB Thumb Drive.

Remote Viewing

View your Security Cameras from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop or Computer from anywhere in the world. This gives you more control and peace of mind while you're away.

Up to 1080P (HD) Quality

With MegaPixel cameras and DVRs you can now view and record all of your surveillance cameras in HD quality. For the lower budget installations, we still use High Quality analog cameras.

Control Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

Be able to move and zoom your cameras from your computer or iPhone to capture exactly what you want to see. You can also set up Tours and Presets to have the camera move automatically.


  • Retail Stores

  • Restaurants

  • Office Buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Shopping Malls

  • Child Care

  • Elderly Care

  • Residential

  • Correctional Facilities

Why Should I purchase a Video Security System?


  • Limit your liability  - Protect your business from fraudulent injury claims, fraudulent claims against employees and be able to provide the police with high-quality video of employees or customers that are stealing from you.

  • Peace of Mind - Being able to watch your security cameras from your iPhone or Android while away from your business gives you so much more flexibility to do what you need to do.

  • Watch multiple locations at once - If you have multiple offices or locations, you can be everywhere at once. See how busy each location is and concentrate your time to that location. Or see that one specific location is unusually slow and investigate.

  • Safety - Employees can now see outside the back door and the parking lot before they leave the safety of the locked back door when they are leaving the office or restaurant late at night.

Pictures of our installations:


Note: Roll your mouse over the main image to see a description of the installation.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Cameras

We have the right equipment to drill through thick concrete walls, mount electrical boxes and keep everything completely waterproof.

Custom Installations

Custom Installations

This is a custom built waterfall in a residence in Calabasas. There are 4 cameras built into the rock, completely hidden from view. To the left of the picture is a slide with an IR camera inside the tunnel to see in complete darkness.

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